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Unique solutions for companies with a branch network in area of employees and sales partners

ONEplanet, ONEbusiness

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Outsourcing of employees at your premises

Building of a chain of retail stores, including provision of experienced personnel.


Increase of employee loyalty – reduction of turnover

Effective sales strategies

Processing of payroll, accounting and warehouse records of the establishment

Sophisticated employee training process

Outsourcing of employees at your premises

  • Flexible recruitment with regard to the current market situation

  • Sophisticated onboarding process

  • Shift planning according to the current store occupancy

  • Creation of a fair and motivating environment

  • Motivation of employees based on development diagnostics and plans

  • Improving the management level according to trends

  • Implementation of employee benefits with efficiency

  • Sales performance

  • Mystery shopping, introduction and evaluation of check lists, optimization

  • Taking over the entire team into employment with our company 

Outsourcing of Sales Representatives

Selection and choosing of top-notch sales representatives for the regions your company needs to cover.

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Building and managing a sales team

Increasing the productivity in the given region

Training and motivation

Creation and fine-tuning of business models and strategies, including implementation

Outsourcing of Sales Representatives

  • Complete outsourcing of an external sales team

  • Candidate search system

  • Remuneration and motivation according to the latest trends

  • Creation of a fair and motivating environment

  • Development plans and diagnostics

  • Improving the management quality

  • Sales performance

  • Creation and implementation of a suitable business model

  • Taking over the entire team into employment with our company

Outsourcing of Human Resources

Full HR services

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6 different methods for finding suitable candidates

Effective company training and employee testing

Wage agenda and communication

Legislation compliance

Outsourcing of Human Resources

  • Outsourcing of the HR Program

  • Dealing with employment and legislative matters

  • Introduction of required forms, internal policies and guidelines

  • Negotiations with authorities (labor, tax, social)

  • Legal and administrative security

  • Cost forecasting

  • Efficient shift planning with regard to the current store traffic

  • Digital management and administration tools

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By implementing digital tools in the HR program and in distribution, we increased efficiency by 22%.


We will provide a complete crew for a new establishment within 35 calendar days on average.


in six months, we built a team of 500 direct sales partners.


We saved clients 4.5 million crowns by advantageous setting up of benefits.


of the employees we hire stay with the company for an average of 2.8 years.

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We are professionals with a maximum focus on results

  • Member of GATE GROUP+

  • Experienced team with many years of managerial experience in the areas of Sales, Retail, HR and logistics

  • Operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • Own vehicle fleet

  • Internal warehouse, logistics and distribution

  • Turnover of CZK 1.2 billion



All digital tools are linked and controlled by a central system named ONE retail SYSTEM.

Digital accounting
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  • Digital processing of invoices and accounting documents
  • Approval paths
  • Cost evaluation
  • Automation of processes
Information System
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  • CRM system
  • Records of HR and onboarding processes
  • Wages and bonuses
  • Warehouse management and records
Document Management
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  • Document management system
  • Digital document distribution with ‘read’ and acceptance records
  • Electronic signatures
Online Assistant for Mobile Merchants
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  • Own portal tailored for mobile merchants
  • Forecasting planned performance
  • Calculation and history of bonuses and commissions
  • Property cards and digital library
  • Monitoring the fulfillment of individual seller’s targets
HR Portal
  • Comprehensive tool for HR program
  • Employee profile
  • Data records
  • Digital document storage
Clock-in/out system
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  • Shift planner
  • Automatic administrative settings
  • Payroll processing


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We adjust all of our systems to fit the client’s needs.

Using our tools, you will have a complete control of your sales force!

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Additional Services

ONE Planet | Skladování


Warehouse storage of goods and materials, including inventory system and trained personnel.

ONE Planet | Logistika
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Logistics of goods within the outsourced network of sales representatives, ambassadors and establishments. Many years of experience, large volumes, our own fleet of 37 vehicles.

ONE Planet | Distribuce
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Distribution of goods to the entire sales network either using our own means or through contractual partners (we always choose the most efficient model).



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ONE Planet | Reference Philip Morris
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Philip Morris

Comprehensive management of the sales network for the direct sale of a revolutionary product.

DR (Direct Retail) and outsourcing of the direct sales process throughout the life cycle – sales staff, operations, logistics, technologies and systems.

ONE Planet | Reference Tarsio
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Project for an exclusive importer of important brands of dermatocosmetics.

Finding and approaching suitable referrers, presentation of the incentive program, contractual assurance and reporting of results, including the processing of financial flows and rewards.
Complete outsourcing of the sales team, including the logistics for the sold products.

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New retail and marketing tool – ONE exclusive distributor for CZ and SK.

Innovative retail tool ensuring strong interaction with the customer (stopping power up to 40%)

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