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External sales representatives play a crucial role in supporting companies across various industries or entering new markets. Professional individuals or companies possess market knowledge and local negotiation skills, enabling companies to succeed in a competitive environment.

External sales representatives perform several key roles:

  • Identifying business opportunities: They monitor the market and identify potential opportunities for their clients, including new markets, segments, or specific customers.

  • Negotiating and closing deals: They have negotiation skills and understand local business customs, allowing them to secure favorable deals for their clients.

  • Logistical and distribution support: They assist with organizing transportation, storage, and distribution of goods after a deal is closed.

  • Cultural and language support: They act as intermediaries between companies and local partners, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and conflicts.

  • Risk management: They help identify and minimize risks associated with business transactions.

Collaborating with external sales representatives offers several benefits to companies:

  • Quick market entry: With their knowledge and experience, companies can penetrate new markets faster.

  • Less administration: External representatives handle administrative tasks, easing the workload for their clients.

  • Lower costs: Working with external sales representatives can be cheaper than establishing your own branches abroad.

Collaborating with external sales representatives provides companies with key benefits such as quick market entry and cost reduction. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us. With One Planet, you will find a reliable partner for success in your business. Be among those who leverage our knowledge and networks to achieve their business goals.


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