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The owner of a successful Czech company honored us with an exceptional task: as part of business expansion into other regions, build a new branded store and ensure its operation.

This type of project is both a joy and a challenge for us. We know what we are good at – we give our client an edge over the competition, for example, just by saving the client time in building know-how and choosing the necessary technologies.

We will make maximum use of our experience in the operation and building of a chain of retail stores, we will implement our own sophisticated human resources management system, efficient payroll processing, accounting and warehouse records, as well as an online corporate information system with an integrated cash register terminal. And as a bonus, we will add an employee training process at a level that will ensure professional service.

In other words, with us you’re not starting from scratch, but with an already working solution. We breathe life into your business vision without the labor pains. You will no longer have to worry about the retail unit's complex operating system, you will get supervision over the management of the store, including stock, and we will provide regular detailed financial reporting. And finally, you will get qualified workers who have completed a sales skills course and have expert product knowledge. There is no reason to take risks – but there is always a good reason to entrust a project to our care!


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